BoM in Pictures

Here is the Book of Mormon in pictures.

These are free for personal use only. 

Book of Mormon

Lehi in Jerusalem

Lehi and family leaving Jerusalem


Nephi and Laman- Brothers

Lehi and family arrive in the promised land.

Enos praying.

Mormon abridges the Nephite history.

King Benjamin.

Conversion of Alma the Younger.

Abinadi before King Noah.

Alma baptizes in the Waters of Mormon.

Ammon defends the flocks.

Ammonites buries their swords.

Captain Moroni and the standard of liberty.

2000 Stripling Warriors

Samuel the Lamanite

Jesus appears to the Nephites.

Jesus asks for the records.

Jesus teaches the Nephites.

Jesus heals the Nephites.

The Three Nephites

The Brother of Jared sees the finger of God.

Mormon bids farewell to a great nation.

Moroni hides the Nephite record.

Gold Plates

Joseph Smith receives the gold plates.

The Bible and the Book of Mormon: Two Witnesses of Jesus Christ
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5 thoughts on “BoM in Pictures”

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  2. I am going to link this to my Hub on the Book of Mormon on Hubpages.

  3. Thanks. I am adding your site to the Blog Friends and more… page.

  4. James D. Still said:

    Hi… the painting “Joseph Smith recieves the gold plates”. Who painted this? I want to give the credit where the dues are. I would put the credit: “John Doe, 1997” on the photo. Many thank.


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