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Hi, everyone!

Thanks for visiting.  I did a few things to keep this blog fresh and updated. I separated the downloads and more page into an English only page and an LDS Library, D&C, and more page. I finally found a decent online file storage site at Dropbox. No ads of any kind, it is very fast to download files, and no problems at this time with uploading and downloading. You use a program on your computer that will automatically upload any changes to your file to your online file storage. All of my links on this blog use this service. So, if you find a download link that does not have a dropbox name in it please let me know. The international page has been reorganized and updated with new links found by commenters on this blog. If you need or want to shorten the download links use tinyurl .

I just found this interesting site that you can read the Book of Mormon side by side in various languages. Polyglot Book of Mormon

Thanks for visiting. It is my hope and prayer that these Book of Mormons in all of these languages are being sent to friends, families, and everyone else. The Lord wants the Book of Mormon to be known throughout the world and with these current technologies and versions we should be able to accomplish this very soon.