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I have a new version of the LDS Library now available. I cleaned up some links and took out the picture sections. It is still the executable e-book and it is only about 28 MB. When I have time I will include a library with the LDS art and make a few more changes. For Windows only. Download it here .

If anyone knows of a quick and easy way to make this library into a PDF e-book please let me know. There are hundreds of pages in HTML and I don’t have the time to create this e-book page by page. I am on a low budget so I am looking for some help on this.

There is a German audio Book of Mormon now available. Thanks, Andy, for this find. Here is the website .

Thanks, everyone, for visiting here. This has been a great success for me and the Lord. I have had this site up for over a year now and have had hundreds of downloads. It was and still is my hope that when I started this project that the Book of Mormon would be available electronically and be able to be sent to every corner of the Internet and the world. The Lord’s mission for His members was to have the Book of Mormon spread to every part of the world. I believe this has been accomplished through His missionaries and members and through the use of the Intenet. There is still a lot of work to do but the Lord will bless us with our every effort.