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Hi, everyone!
First of all, I want to thank everyone who has visited this site and and made it a great success. I have made a few changes around this site. I found out last week that the file storage site that I have been using is no longer offering free file sharing as part of their basic service. So, I moved everything to mediafire.com. Hopefully, this will work out for a while. I went through all of my links and changed them to this new download site. If there is any problems please leave me a comment.

There are two more versions a couple of commenters have found. One is the Book of Mormon in Arabic available at LDScatalog.com . It is item number 30922102, and sells for $3.00 (US).  Another place to buy one is at the BYU Bookstore. There is also an online Italian audio version found on their missionary site.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas to improve this site or to find more ways to promote the Book of Mormon please let me know.