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I have noticed lately that there haven’t been too many hits on this page, so I am doing this post to introduce some of the blogs and other links that I have added to this page.

You will find several inspirational blogs as well as a chatroom to visit other members. There are two very great toolbars for Firefox users found at the bottom of the page. Also official LDS Church sites for family history, meetinghouse locater, history of the church, and many more resources for members and non-members. Plus links to other resources for church news and information.

There are also great places to visit on the sidebar to the right, as well. You can start a scripture study schedule, read about members’ testimonies, work on a crossword puzzle or create one, and read the latest news on this blog. Visit the downloads page to download a free Book of Mormon in three formats: PDF, HTMl, or an executable for windows only. If you have international friends or would like to read the Book of Mormon in your favorite language visit the International download page. You can view and print right in your browser Book of Mormon pictures on the Book of Mormon in Pictures page. If you know someone who has questions about the Church or wants to learn more about Jesus Christ send them to mormon.org or the official Jesus Christ site at LDS.org.

Spread the word about this site and e-mail as many Books of Mormon as you can. This is a great missionary tool to reach people who otherwise can’t be reached or don’t feel comfortable calling the Church for a Book of Mormon. And tell all your international friends, as well, that there are versions in their language available here. If you know of any international versions available that you know of that is not included on this site please let me know.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to be added to this page please leave me a comment. Thanks.

Note to visitors of this site:

I just noticed that there is a related posts section added to the posting. I could turn this off but I want this blog to appear on other blogs as well. Unfortunately, I can’t control what type of postings appears in that section. There are a lot of anti-mormon postings on WordPress and they have every right to express their opinions of this Church. Just remember to hold on to what you believe and decide what to believe by the power of the Holy Spirit. Only He can witness to you the truthfulness of all things. The main purpose of this blog is to provide free Books of Mormon to anyone who is interested in reading it not to discuss or have a doctrinal debate over differences in beliefs. I will not tolerate any kind of attacks or negative comments on this blog. Period. If you have questions or want to discuss something on a posting keep it civil and decent.  I respect everyone’s opinion and faith but I will not accept anyone condemning my faith or anyone else’s based on evidence or personal interpretation of a certain scripture passage. I am familiar with all the arguements as to why some believe this Church is wrong and false so I won’t be led into any kind of trap. If I start seeing any kind of abuse I will start moderating comments and block commentators.  Thank you.