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I just realize that I should have done an Easter posting last Sunday. I have to work on Sunday nights and I have been too caught up in another matter I won’t talk about. My wife and I don’t have kids so the holiday is not as fun as it would be if we did. We did have a Sunday dinner before I went to work, which was nice. She spoils me too much. 🙂 Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year. It marks when spring is finally here or will be if the weather makes up it’s mind on whether to be winter or summer. When I was growing up, the only times my family went to Church was on Christmas and Easter and maybe a couple of times in between. My family was more of a traditional one when it came to the holidays. We would have ham dinner, read about Christ’s story in the Bible, and watch the epic religious movie on the tv that was showing that night. My favorite was The Greatest Story Ever Told from 1965. This was aired almost every year at Easter. Very well done and detailed. Of course, you can argue over the historical details but over-all it was a great film. Another favorite that was shown when I was growing up was The Bible: In the Beginning from 1966. It was from watching these movies and reading the Bible on my own is what shaped how I believe in God. Of course Easter is more that eating dinner and watching movies. It is to celebrate the greatest sacrifice anyone could make for another. Easter is celebrated differently by all Christian faiths but the message is the same. The Son of God died to save us from our sins and was resurrected on the third day after He was crucified. This represented a new beginning. To shed our old lives and habits and to start fresh. Jesus Christ being the Son of God had the power to take Himself off the cross and prevent this from happening. Instead He chose to follow the commandment of His Father and to finish His mission on earth. This is the greatest example of following the commandments of God without question and was the most unselfish thing a man could do. He committed the ultimate sacrifice so that we may all return to Heaven to be with our Father and Creator. He also showed that He was human as well and asked His Father “why hast thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46). This showed that He had human weaknesses as well, the same as all of us do in moments of terrible trials and struggles.

I want to thank my God and Father in Heaven for sending His Son to earth to show us how to be like Him and how to have better relationships with our fellow men and women.

Happy Easter!!