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I thought I would do something fun for a change and created a Book of Mormon puzzle using the free crossword creator Eclipse Crossword. This is my first puzzle and I hope it is challenging enough for most adults. To play you must have javascript enabled in recent browsers or download the zip file for older versions. I am also including a printable version, with and without the answers, in HTML format and in PDF. Just print from your browser. All the links will take you to a free download site to download each file.

If you would like to create one and add it to this page, please leave a comment. It must be LDS themed and it could be from easy to very difficult. I will add a link to your blog or website along with your puzzle.  This is a great way to advertise your site. This page is visited just about everyday and is one of this blogs biggest hits.

Thanks. Enjoy!!

The Righteous Men of the Book of Mormon