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Well , I just hit the 1,000 hit mark tonight. I know this is not much in the blogging world but it is more than I expected when I started this blog back in December. I started out wanting to experiment with website building and wanted to use something to promote the site. I actually had the idea of e-mailing Book of Mormons over a year ago but pushed aside for other projects. I already had all the files I needed to create an e-book just didn’t know how to create one quickly. There are a lot of pages to edit and compile. So, I tried all the free e-book creators before I settled on the Website Zipper. Now that I had a product I just needed a website. I experimented a while back with a free hosting site on another idea I had but I lost interest in it and didn’t do much with it. I knew next to nothing about website hosting and so I tried a few free web hosting sites before I settled on WordPress. They make it real easy to set up. Since I have been on WordPress I have learned how to promote this site through the postings I make and visiting various websites. I am surprised at the number of visitors from overseas. People are visiting from India, Great Britain, Australia, etc. From suggestions of several people and watching the search term items I have added 2 more formats plus pictures and other information. I am always looking for new things to add to the site so if you have any suggestions please send me a comment.
It is my hope that people will continue to visit this site and send a Book of Mormon to all their family and friends they meet online. Thank you for visiting.