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As part of a missionary effort to give out Book of Mormons I have created a Book of Mormon e-book in PDF format that is small in size, about 1.7 MB. Most e-mail accounts can send attachments this size. This is a safe alternative to give a Book of Mormon to all your family, friends, and everyone else. With millions of people online worldwide this would be a great way to introduce the Church to non-members and to give copies away in places where it is difficult to do missionary work. I would encourage you to talk about and place this website address to all the places you visit on the internet. Thank you.

Update: If you want to e-mail a Book of Mormon to your family and friends go to scribd.com and click on the “Send to a Friend” link on the right side. Or you can send them this direct link for them to download. Just right click on link and click “copy link location” and past the link into your e-mail message. When they click on the link it will open a page to adrive and start downloading.

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